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SRO Motorsports Group and GTA Co.,Ltd strengthen cooperation in BoP for FIA GT3 cars from the 2015 season

16 November 2014

The promoter of the Blancpain GT Series, SRO Motorsports Group (SRO) and the promoter of SUPER GT series GTA Co,Ltd (GTA) have reached an agreement that SRO will create the special BoP for FIA GT3 cars in SUPER GT series Class II (GT300). This collaboration will develop SUPER GT series as a more fair and exciting GT series.

Cars participating in SGT GT300 class are JAF GT 300 and FIA GT3. From this year GTA will adopt the BoP of BLANCPAIN GT series to FIA GT3 cars in SGT GT300. On the other hand GTA develops the BoP for JAF GT300 cars as ever.

SGT has decided to entrust SRO to create an optimum BoP in consideration of features of the circuits where SGT Events are held.

SGT and SRO have already agreed to seek possibilities to make further collaboration not only in technical field but in various fields.

Stephane Ratel (CEO and Founder SRO Motorsports Group) : “
It is a pleasure to be back in Japan, a country I visited on a regular basis as a promoter and a driver when we brought the BPR Series and the FIA GT Championship to the 1000km of Suzuka in the nineties. During these very first years of the global revival of GT racing, I had the privilege to witness the very beginning of SUPER GT, a Championship which grew to become the number one racing series in Japan and one of the strongest GT Championships Worldwide.

This weekend at Motegi has allowed me to appreciate the popularity and strength of SUPER GT and to witness the success of a Series which has managed to promote the highest level of manufacturers’ competition in GT500 together with customer racing in GT300.

It has been a great satisfaction for SRO, initiator and main developer of the GT3 category since 2005, to see GT3 has become the backbone of the GT300 class. Today, I am honored to announce, together with Mr. Bandoh, a partnership with GTA in the establishment and management of the Balance of Performance for the GT3 cars in the GT300 class in SUPER GT.

Added to similar agreements in Australia and in Macau, it comes as a recognition of the successful balance of performance we have established for our own Championship and Series in Europe. It is also an important responsibility which led us to reinforce of our technical capacity with additional personnel, the opening of a dedicated test center at the Paul Ricard circuit in France and the organisation of a three day test programme where all GT3 manufacturers are expected to be present.

I want to assure GTA and all SUPER GT teams and drivers of our commitment to contribute, with a fair and accurate BOP, to the growing success of the GT3 category in SUPER GT and hope it will encourage more Japanese Manufacturers to produce GT3 Competition cars.”


Mr. Masaki Bandoh (Chairman, GTA Co., Ltd) :  “I am pleased to inform that GTA and SRO have reached an agreement on strengthening collaboration on the GT300 class Balance of Performance (BoP).

Eligible cars in the GT300 class are cars developed in accordance with JAF-GT300 regulation and cars built to FIA GT3 specifications. GTA has adopted the BoP of the Blancpain GT Series in the 2014 season taken in consideration that FIA GT3 cars will be able to participate in the GT300 class as they are without any modifications. Along with the BoP of the Blancpain GT Series, GTA has independently adjusted the BoP for JAF-GT300 cars.

GTA had used the FIA official Balance of Performance for GT3 until the year 2013. But from this year GTA has adopted the BoP of the Blancpain GT series organized by SRO which continues to flourish in Europe. One of the reasons why GTA has made this decision is that the SRO BoP has gained a good reputation for high fairness along the years.

However this decision was made mainly by focusing on the point that car manufactures can build car based on their marketing strategies and easily participate in SUPER GT with these cars.

I expect that this agreement will realize finer BoP adjustment in the GT300 class and ensure higher fairness for all teams. I am also looking forward that this collaboration will expand further cooperation with SRO who is one of the world renowned promoters.”