SRO Motorsports Group introduces GT Sports Club, a new Series exclusively for Bronze drivers

SRO Motorsports Group introduces GT Sports Club, a new Series exclusively for Bronze drivers

* Exclusively reserved for Bronze drivers, with one driver per car

* Introduction of the Iron Cup, reserved for drivers over 60

* A calendar of four events only
* All practices and races over 24 hours, lunchtime to lunchtime

* Two races per event, without mandatory pitstops

* Top-quality accommodation and catering included

SRO Motorsports Group has created the GT Sports Club, a sunshine-filled, relaxed but professionally organised arena for Bronze drivers who want to race in an exclusive but friendly atmosphere. This new Series will provide gentleman racers with the opportunity to fight against their peers for race wins. In addition, the SRO Motorsports Group is introducing the new “Iron” categorisation within the Bronze category, for drivers over the age of 60. There will be a separate Iron Cup classification and separate podiums.

The GT Sports Club, an international series to be approved by the FIA, is reserved for GT3 cars as well as G3 cars homologated by the RACB, with one driver per car. Both cars conforming to the latest FIA homologation forms and cars from previous years will be accepted, with the application of the SRO Balance of Performance.

A GT Sports Club event will last just over 24 hours – with the exception of the inaugural event – and will visit exciting circuits in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, four events only to allow a parallel entry in the Blancpain Endurance Series. Each meeting consists of a free practice and qualifying session, followed by a 25-minute Qualifying Race and 40-minute Main Race. This provides the participants with more time in the car and less time in the paddock, with all sessions being held from lunchtime to lunchtime.

Each car will be driven by one driver, so there are no mandatory pit stops. Points are granted in the same way as in the Blancpain Sprint Series, with an overall classification and an Iron Cup classification.

To make this a complete experience on and off the track, participants will be provided with a high level VIP-service, including first class catering and hospitality, hotel reservation and airport transfer. Furthermore, the recently created SRO Race Centre gives GT3 car owners and race teams the opportunity to store their cars under high security conditions in between the races.

Stephane Ratel (CEO and Founder of SRO Motorsports Group): “With the Blancpain GT Series growing steadily more professional, SRO has become increasingly aware that only the most experienced Gentlemen drivers are still able to compete with reasonable chances of success in the Blancpain Endurance Series. Some other drivers, who have been our valued clients for many years in GT racing, feel they are no longer competitive in the Series we promote, or in many other national and international GT Series in Europe. Therefore, we thought that many of these drivers would prefer their own competition, to race among friends at beautiful circuits in pleasant and sunny locations, with a timetable that suits their busy lives, and with top-quality accommodation and catering.

2015 GT Sports Club calendar

18th - 19th April: Barcelona (Espiritu de Montjuïc)
20th - 21st June: Paul Ricard (Blancpain Endurance Series)
5th - 6th September: Algarve (Blancpain Sprint Series)
3rd - 4th October: Misano (Blancpain Sprint Series)