Team Sustainability Challenge

Team Sustainability Challenge

SRO Motorsports Group to launch inter-team sustainability competition running in parallel to Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe powered by AWS, called Team Sustainability Challenge.

The sustainability competition will see teams competing for the most sustainable team trophies, awarded at the end of the 2022 season. The challenge is aimed to motivate teams to follow SRO Motorsports Group’s Competitor environmental guidelines. The competitors’ sustainable operations will be measured against a scoring system of fifteen environmental criteria, carefully shortlisted from a wider environmental guidelines list. Each full season competitor will automatically be enlisted for participation in the challenge and the fulfillment of each criterion will bring one point for the participant. Competitors’ total scores will be listed on virtual scoreboards, displayed on the championship website throughout the 2022 season. Teams will be evaluated on each of the Endurance and Sprint rounds, for an opportunity to win Team Sustainability Challenge Endurance and Sprint trophies.

SRO Motorsports Group established a Sustainability strategy in 2021, which contains specific environmental milestones against a 2030 timeline. The fulfillment of those milestones is crucial to us, and will lead to major environmental improvements of our operations. We have committed to enhance the environmental side of our events and empower our competitors to improve their own environmental footprint.

As part of the competitor empowerment mission, competitor environmental guidelines have been compiled, for the 2022 season, addressing the topics of carbon emissions, water and waste management. The guidelines recommend best practice procedures to be put in place by the competitor and were compiled in accordance with current environmental policies for carbon reduction and carbon footprint improvement. Following the guidelines will contribute towards more sustainable operations, which will benefit the overall environmental performance of the competitor, and the racing events.

By launching the Team Sustainability challenge, SRO Motorsports Group hopes to motivate teams to start implementing environmental actions and fight to win a unique trophy, one that helps the Planet and protects the future of their passion.

Full list of criteria below:


  1. Euro 6 Logistics trucks
  2. E-scooters (no fossil fuel powered scooters) for transportation within paddock
  3. Hiring hybrid / e-vehicles for event purposes
  4. Waste selection in pits
  5. Recyclable materials for merchandise and promo materials
  6. Uniform from eco-friendly materials
  7. No single use plastic in pits and team truck areas
  8. All used tyres are sent back to SRO’s tyre partner for recycling
  9. Active communication on environmental protection
  10. Environmental statements “Do not litter” for printed documents and “Consider the environment before printing” for digital documents and email
  11. Choosing service supplier according to environmental criteria
  12. Renting equipment from a local supplier
  13. Carbon reduction plan
  14. Conducting event carbon assessment
  15. Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions (any additional project support besides the one SRO invests in) and/or other type of environmental activities aimed to reduce the team’s footprint


Each full season team is evaluated on each of the fifteen criteria during the ten #GTWorldCheu rounds, where ‘yes’ on each criteria brings 1 point.

Two leader boards on the championship’s website updated after each round – Endurance Team Sustainability Challenge and Sprint Team Sustainability Challenge