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5 April 2018

The upcoming Blancpain GT Series round at Zolder will mark the start of a new racing season, but this isn’t the only programme being launched at the Belgian circuit.

The opening event will also see the unveiling of INSIDE THE PADDOCK, a new initiative aimed at giving fans a greater insight into the drivers and their personalities.

The Blancpain GT Series grid features a diverse range of competitors from a variety backgrounds. They come from across the globe, speak dozens of languages, but are all united by their passion for competition. Some have been racing for as long as they can remember, while others took the sport up later in life and have successful careers in other fields.

All of this adds to the rich human element of the series, but as is often the case in motor racing the personalities are hidden beneath crash helmets and roll cages. 

INSIDE THE PADDOCK will take fans beyond the racing and allow them to learn more about the drivers competing in the Blancpain GT Series. It will provide a unique insight into their lives on and off the circuit, from the smallest details to the defining moments. 

Each race weekend will focus on one driver, giving fans a deep dive into their world.  This will take a variety of forms. It might be a video chronicle of their journey from home to the circuit, showing how a driver’s anticipation builds on the way to an event. It could be an on-board track lap, speaking to them throughout the race weekend, or interacting with their social media following. 

All of these elements and more will form part of INSIDE THE PADDOCK. Whatever the method, the goal will remain the same: to take Blancpain GT Series fans to the heart of the sport they love.