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Duel of Brothers

17 September 2017

At the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup Dutch Pieter Schothorst (#3 Team WRT Audi) is not only competing against a full grid of other contenders, but also against his own brother Steijn Schothorst (#43 Strakka Racing McLaren).
But it’s not the first time that the 25 and 22-year old compete against each other.

Audi R8 LMS vs McLaren 650 S GT3, which one is the better car?
Pieter:  “The Audi of course. But the McLaren is also very competitive. But we have the better package.”
Steijn: “The McLaren! The Audi is definitely strong, but we have the better top speed.”

Who is the better driver?
Pieter: “I am. It’s not the first time we’re competing against each other and there were many tears and smiles. We had times when we did not respect each other enough. But these times have passed, we’re grown up now and we shared quite a few podiums together and made our mum Carola proud.”
Steijn: “I am. In yesterday’s qualifying I was in front of him. My brother has more GT3 experience, but I will prove in the race that I’m the better one.”

Who knows more about cars?
Pieter: “I do, a 100%. And I will show in the race today that I’m also the better driver. He starts from position 8, I will start from 11th, but I will be in front in the end.”
Steijn: “I think we’re both on the same level. We both know quite a bit about cars.”

Are you fighting harder, because you’re up against your brother?
Pieter: “The fight is harder, because I want to say that I’m the best at the end.”
Steijn: “No, I fight every competitor equally hard.”