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Is it a man’s world? - Lucie Horova, Team Manager I.S.R. Racing

13 September 2017

Motorsport is one of the increasingly few sporting activities where women are hugely under-represented when it comes to the list of competitors. But looking behind the scenes, there are countless women actively involved in motorsports globally. They organise events, are active in race control, as team managers, mechanics, engineers, in marshalling and fulfilling a host of other important roles. The same is true for the Blancpain GT Series. In the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup alone, there are six women who inspire others. Meet the team managers of the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup:

Lucie Horova, Team Manager I.S.R. Racing
Education: Economics
Hobbies: Downhill skiing, my motorbike, motocross bike, cycling, running, fitness - nearly all kind of sports, drawing, design, architecture, cooking
Claim to fame:  I think for these things it is better to ask the people around me. It is quite hard to speak for myself. What I think is special could be normal for others and the opposite. I can only say that I have respect, determination, sense of purpose, I am hardworking, I am patient and I have no fear of any work. And I’m good at creating designs for team clothes, cars, helmets and I can paint.
Favourite quote: Be grateful for what you have, respect others and work hard for your wishes.

What inspired you to work in motorsports?
“I grew up in a sporty and motorsports family. Adrenalin and sport flow in my blood since childhood. So, to connect my job with motorsport is like a dream.”

Briefly describe your role and your tasks during a race weekend.
“Everything starts already before race weekend when I need to organise flights, rent cars, arrange hotels, transport for all the members of our team. For me, the race weekend itself starts from Wednesday evening when I need to be present at the track to organise our hospitality (decide how our hospitality will be parked and built up, going to buy food with our chef), organise for entry into our boxes so that our mechanics can start their work, schedule the meals (times for lunches, snacks, dinners, how many people will eat, which food will be prepared), pick up engineers from the airport (in case they don’t have their own transportation), finalize the interior of the hospitality unit, going to administrative checks, pick up all stickers from SRO and in case that they mechanics are very busy, I also help them to put the stickers on the cars. Furthermore, I prepare the overalls for the pit stop, prepare the background for drivers, the team clothes for new members, organise tickets for our guests, go to the team managers briefing, keep in contact with engineers, drivers, mechanics, speak with race control, organise joker tires, check with the mechanics if they’ve done the paperwork, fill out all necessary papers and share them with SRO. But it does not stop there. I organise the official photo shooting, autograph session, parades, autograph cards, marketing activities, interviews, sort out the TV crew for our team, keep in touch with our PR team together with the owner of the team, take care of the guests and the transportation to the hotel. Ah, and in case that our chef is sick, I can jump to the kitchen and prepare food for all hahahaha…”

What was the biggest challenge you ever faced?
“For me the biggest challenge I ever faced is still my life. I am working hard to achieve my goals step by step… In motorsports, it was my first 24H race, because I didn´t have any experience with these kinds of races before.”

What was your most memorable moment?
“Season 2010 – World Series by Renault with Esteban Gurierri and Filip Salaquarda. It was our first season in WSR and we finished 2nd in the overall team classification. Then 2011 with WSR again, because I got the chance to work with Daniel Ricciardo.”

Are there enough women working in motorsports?
“For me yes :). I prefer to work with men more than with women. Should motorsports be full of women, I will probably move to another sport :) maharajah.”

Female racing drivers who left a mark in the motorsports world just to name a few: Michelle Mouton, Jutta Kleinschmidt, Pat Moss, Janet Guthrie, Maria Costello, Denise McCluggage, Lyn St. James, Sabine Schmitz, Susie Wolff.
Which one is your favourite?
“For me unambiguously Michelle Mouton, because I watched her Pikes Peak races with Audi quattro as a kid.”