Official Fuel Supplier 

Total ACS - for Additives and Special Fuels – has been designing, developing , manufacturing and marketing the racing fuels of the Total Group as well as the famous range of racing lubricants ELF HTX on a worldwide basis since 1967.

Among the many disciplines where the ELF racing fuels are present, the Blancpain Endurance Series has always occupied a special place in the sporting agenda Total ACS .

It is a triple challenge the Givors (near Lyon, France) based Total entity took pleasure to meet , thanks to its technical expertise :

An innovative fuel: containing 10% Abengoa 2nd generation biofuel, the gasoline ELF CM G2 was launched in advance of phase with respect to fuel available in the market, while providing similar performance to a purely fossil racing fuel

A very careful quality of manufacturing : throughout the season, Total ACS major concern has been to provide fuel with rigorously constant characteristics, providing maximum comfort for  the motorists and respectful of the " powertrain " component of the Balance of Performance

A customer oriented service : support team on the circuit who know the world of GT as well as a shared passion for sport excellence conveyed by the Fanatec GT World Challenge Powered by AWS.

Link to website: www.elf.com