Spark reveals two special collections to celebrate centenary CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa

Spark reveals two special collections to celebrate centenary CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa
  • World leader in collectible automobile miniatures offers 24 new models for the centenary CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa
  • Further collection featuring every winner since 1924 underway
  • More than 500 cars that have contested the 24 Hours already in the Spark catalogue

A passion for motorsport – and more particularly for the CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa – can be expressed in many ways. In recent years, there has been a growing trend for collecting miniature cars, faithful replicas produced at 1:43, 1:18 or even 1:12 scale. Whether it is a model that stirs a personal memory or simply a car that you find particularly special, there is no shortage of reasons to acquire one. 

A world leader in collectible automotive miniatures, Spark offers a superb catalogue which at present includes some 500 cars that have taken part in the CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa. As we approach the centenary of the Belgian endurance classic, Hugues Ripert and his team wanted to go even further. 

As such, a special “CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa 100 Years” collection is currently being produced. The majority of the 24 models – which are presented in special packaging and available in limited numbers – will be available at the end of June. The first examples will be on sale in the Spark shop which will be present in the Fan Village from 27–30 June, while the others can be pre-ordered during the centenary edition.

“When establishing this list of 24 cars, we did not want to simply focus on winners of the event,” explained Spark founder Hugues Ripert. “On the contrary, we wanted this collection to retrace the history of the race, particularly since its revival in 1964, and to demonstrate the tremendous variety of cars that have participated. The choice was enormous, but we are proud to present cars that stimulate curiosity and are unique in the world of collectible miniatures.”

In addition to this special centenary collection, Spark has also commenced a longer-term project aimed at offering all the cars that have won the CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa since the first edition in July 1924. “This collection is ambitious because it requires us to reproduce models from the 1920s and 1930s, which are very different from modern cars and for which the documentation is more difficult to come by,” continues Hugues. “However, this is the kind of challenge that motivates my entire team of enthusiasts! Since the creation of our brand in 2000, we have enjoyed offering high quality products, both in terms of materials and historical accuracy. We reproduce a car to scale, as it was. This permanent collection of winning cars from the CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa will have a very important place in our catalogue.” 

The collections announced for the centenary CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa are part of a new global partnership that allows Spark to reproduce scale versions of the cars competing in SRO championships around the world. This includes the continental Fanatec GT World Challenge Powered by AWS series, as well as national competitions such as the French FFSA GT Championship and British GT.

For more information about Spark and its catalogue, visit their official website.

The 24 models included in the ‘CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa 100 Years’ collection:

  1. CITROËN DS 19 #201 24H Spa 1964 G. Verrier - A. Bertaut
  2. RENAULT 8 Gordini #73 Class winner "Coupe du Roi" 24H Spa 1966 M. Bianchi - J. Vinatier
  3. FORD Mustang #2 Team Claude Dubois runner-up 24H Spa 1968 "Eldé" - Y. Deprez
  4. BMC Cooper 1000 S #96 24H Spa 1969 J. Vernaeve - C. Baker
  5. TOYOTA Celica GT #62 24H Spa 1973 O. Andersson - F. Kottulinsky
  6. SIMCA 1000 Rallye 2 #73 Marabout Racing Team 24H Spa 1974 J-M. Herman - R. Lambert
  7. BMW 3.0 CSL #17 24H Spa 1973 J. Xhenceval - W. Braillard
  8. MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SEL 6.8 #35 runner-up 24H Spa 1971 H. Heyer - C. Schickentanz
  9. ALFA ROMEO 1600 GTA #29 runner-up 24H Spa 1966 E. Pinto - J. Demoulin
  10. BMW 530i #33 Plastic Bertrand Racing 24H Spa 1980 C. Facceti - P. Witmeur - J.J. Feider
  11. CHEVROLET Camaro Z28 #9 Bastos S. Power Racing 24H Spa 1981 Cl. Bourgoignie - R. Wisell - J. Cooper
  12. BMW M3 E30 #43 Luby Sport Alpina 24H Spa 1992 I. Khan - D. van de Poele - M. Kimoto
  13. PEUGEOT 806 #86 Peugeot Talbot Belgique 24H Spa 1995 P. Witmeur - E. Bachelart - Ph. Verellen
  14. BMW M3 E30 #4 BMW Fina 24H Spa 1997 Fl. Duez - V. Ickx - K. Rafanelli
  15. PEUGEOT 205 GTi #64 Ecurie Bruxelloise 24H Spa 1997 E. Schwilden - J.M. Delporte - P. Van de Berkt
  16. SALEEN S7-R #2 Konrad Motorsport 24H Spa 2003 E. van de Poele – T. Seiler – F. Konrad – W. Lechner, Jr.
  17. PORSCHE 996 GT3 #76 RWS Motorsport 24H Spa 2002 D. Quester - L. Riccitelli - Ph. Peter - T. Wolff
  18. MARCOS Mantara LM600 #99 24H Spa 2002 B. de Dryver – R. Virtanen – M. Weisenburger
  19. GILLET Vertigo Streiff #100 Belgian Racing 24H Spa 2004 R. Kuppens – S. Ugeux – B. Leinders
  20. MASERATI MC12 GT1 #15 JMB Racing runner-up 24H Spa 2005 A. Bertolini - K. Wendlinger - P. Peter
  21. ASTON MARTIN DBR9 #29 Prodrive - Aston Martin Racing fifth place 24H Spa 2005 M. Goossens - P. Kox - P. Lamy
  22. AUDI R8 LMS #111 Phoenix Racing third place 24H Spa 2009 H. Moser - M. Fässler - A. Margaritis - M. Basseng
  23. CHEVROLET Corvette C6.R #8 Sangari Team Brazil 24H Spa 2009 E. Bernoldi - X. Maassen - R. Streit
  24. FORD GT #99 Marc VDS Racing Team eighth place 24H Spa 2010 B. Leinders - M. Duez - M. Martin